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Thursday, October 03, 2002 :::

Years ago I wrote a paper about what I called the "mnemonic theology" of Deuteronomy. Memory Activates Law, was my thesis, that is, that the response to God (i.e. keeping His Law) was motivated and activated by the memory of what he had done.

I've been thinking of that lately, after re-reading Lorayne and Lucas's The Memory Book. Good book, and worth review. It has helped in working on general memory stuff, and working on memorizing PI to (so far) over 200 places. Better yet for memorizing Biblical passages. I've been using the New Living Translation, which is so colloquial that I have found "word perfect" is hard to come by (its a paraphrase, so it is easy to slip words around). But the techniques of mnemonics really work, and it helped to refresh the skills - if you make the effort to use the techniques, it is funny how easy it can be...

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