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Friday, November 22, 2002 :::

Hm. guess not - it seems to work fine.

::: posted by Joel at 8:07 AM


Just checking. I had a report that there is some change in the BLOGGER terms of service. Is there a delay?

::: posted by Joel at 8:06 AM

Monday, November 18, 2002 :::

Great Value! Great Theater.

This weekend we went to 4 plays!
3 of the 4 performances of "The Pajama Game" - produced at my daughter's High School. And the touring company of the darling of Broadway, "The Producers".

The High School show was really a good production, lots of work done by the kids and it showed. Tunes to hum, lots of action, laughs, all on a shoestring budget.

Then to the glitz, the huge cast, costumes of Broadway:

  • One word review: "despicable". Technically very polished, lots of
    talent - but the laughs are all sniggering and crude.

  • It won scads of Tony's. For what? A recycled story with more music,
    more gay jokes, more swearing and more explicit dialogue.

  • There was an Emperor's New Clothes aspect to it. Everyone loooooves Mel Brooks, I mean he's such a cute little mensch! But these happy well heeled, well fed and well dressed theater patrons are sitting snug in their padded seats, smiling, laughing and applauding - what? Good dancers, good sets, good performers all combined to mock them and their values. Turning love and fun into a bunch of sniggering little junior high humor. I overheard a patron leaving the show "Well... for what it was, it was... very good." I guess. No thanks. I'm just sorry the Pajama Game closed after one weekend.

::: posted by Joel at 9:26 AM

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