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Wednesday, January 08, 2003 :::

Why I think Computers are probably NOT a fad...

This morning I was paying for some work at our service station and the mechanic noticed my "Windows 98" travel mug. A computer discussion ensued.

"I was working on my brother's Windows ME machine last night.. man, I really hate that that operating system!"

Comparing notes, we found both of us had upgraded systems from Windows ME to XP and agreed that it was a big improvement. From there the conversation went on to the problems I've had with a CD burner. He counseled reinstalling the drivers.

When I mentioned my plans to replace the CD burner entirely, he said "Oh, you should go to General NanoSystems - they're great. I could spend $1000 ever time I go there, 'cause I like building my own systems..."

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Sunday, January 05, 2003 :::

No one reads this... so I'll use it to sketch out my next AnderBlog entry.
Favorite sights/sites in London:
One thing I was very interested in seeing in London was the Babbage calculating engines at the London Museum of Science. Charles Babbage designed this computer in the 19th century, but (despite long effort and personal, as well as government, investment) it never was built. The museum finally built one a few years ago, and I'd read a very interesting book about this. Not only that, they had more great early computers - both of which were on display in London:

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